Announcing the Association of Internal Management Consultants 2018 Conference

Helping You Build High Performing Consulting Organizations and Consultants

The Association of Internal Management Consultants is holding their annual conference at Lake Buena Vista Hilton, Orlando, FL  on April 29th Through May 2nd  They will be focusing on the theme of maximizing the value of consulting in the 2020’s.

  • Interactive Discussion and Networking Sessions on Key Aras of Interest and Best Practice Approaches
  • Skill-building Workshops on Core Consulting Competencies and Practice Area Tools & Techniques
  • Share Fair Event Highlighting Vendor Partner Services and Key Initiatives
  • Internal Consulting Awards and Certification Presentations Plus Overview of Winning Programs

Key Presenentation Includes

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Growing Agile Leaders
  • Use of External Consulting Firms
  • Leveraging Consulting Capabilities
  • Strategic Project & Process Mgt.
  • Award Winning Programs
  • Key Trends Impacting Consulting
  • Consulting Leadership Certification
  • Role of Visual Thinking
  • Digital Transformation in Consulting
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Utilizing Collaborative Technology


Internal Management Consultants are–today more than ever-essential resources to their corporations. Whether change managers, process managers or organizational effectiveness and development specialists, they are vital to their company or organization and facilitate/implement change for the better.

We are the global best practice sharing and networking organization for strategically driving business results through the profession of Internal Management Consulting

Value Propositions…

  • We are management consulting professionals who help members develop/refine skills in the analysis of issues and the design and implementation of executable solution
  • We leverage member expertise in bringing multi‐disciplined approaches and specialized skills to the resolution of business problems and achievement of results
  • We focus on building knowledge and awareness of new and changing methodologies required to improve quality, effectiveness, and bottom-line performance
  • We bring a global and cross‐industry collaborative perspective to understanding the unique and changing demands of the business environments our members represent
  • We provide cost‐effective networking/connectivity to members resulting in lasting and mutually beneficial relationships

Service Offerings…

  • Valuable Insights…
    The AIMC helps build your value as a corporate management consultant. Membership gives you access to numerous tools and techniques, including our Consulting Operations Model and Balanced Scorecard to effectively position yourself in your corporation. The association also provides valuable insights regarding how to effectively utilize external consulting capabilities and optimize the organization’s overall consulting spend.
  • Research…
    We keep you abreast of internal consulting trends through access to leading-edge research and our knowledge base of proven tools, techniques and methodologies.
  • Best Practices…
    We also provide insights regarding key success factors and best practices in developing and managing effective internal consulting groups.
  • Community of Practice…
    The AIMC helps make our members better consultants by providing valuable membership tools and resources and connections to a network of internal consulting professionals. The unique community of practice among leading internal consulting organizations is distinctive and has been cited as an important resource and support network by our members.
  • Training and Certification…
    We also conduct numerous skill-building events and programs including conference workshops, chapter meeting sessions and our new training and certification programs in Core Consulting Skills and Consulting Value Realization.